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Chris Hipkiss (désormais Hipkiss) - © christian berst — art brut
Date 1964 —
Country Great Britain

Born in a London suburb in 1964, Chris Hipkiss spent his weekends with his family on a boat moored on the Thames. From early childhood Chris Hipkiss showed an interest in nature, even learning the Latin names for flora and fauna. When he was sixteen years old, Chris Hipkiss began an apprenticeship at his father’s joinery, where he made wooden prototypes for tool manufacturers. In his spare time he wrote and illustrated a story about an imaginary country, XOY, a theme that would remain with him.

At the age of eighteen, Chris Hipkiss met Alpha, his future companion and muse, with whom he formed an intensely close couple. The androgynes that inhabit his drawings are perhaps symbolic of the couple. In the early 1990s, Chris Hipkiss’s style began to assert itself, through fascinating large-scale (sometimes higher than 10 meters) monochromatic drawings in graphite and ink.

The reputation of Hipkiss, who is still reluctant to call himself an artist, extends well beyond the world of art brut, as is shown by his 2005 exhibition at the Tate Britain in London.

Today, Chris and Alpha work as a duo known under the name Hipkiss.

Beyond the boundaries discoveries and new acquisitions 2009
Beyond the boundaries 2009 - © christian berst — art brut

Foreword : Christian Berst
Catalog published to mark the exhibition Beyond the boundaries : discoveries and new acquisitions 2009, from september 11th to october 17th, 2009.
Co published with les éditions Le livre d’art, 2009.

System and vision
David Zwirner gallery, New York. From February 28 to April 18, 2015.
beyond the boundaries season 2009
discoveries and recent acquisitions, at the gallery. From September 11 to October 17, 2009.
Inner Worlds Outside
Fundacion La Caixa, Madrid ; Whitechapel gallery, London ; Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. From January 18 to December 30, 2006.
Chris Hipkiss
Supernature. From October 7 to 27, 2005.
Press review
une rentrée hors les normes pour Christian Berst
Le Poignard Subtil. September 6, 2009.
Carmen and Daniel Klein collection
Antoine Frérot collection
Treger Saint Silvestre collection
Antoine de Galbert collection
Emmanuelle and Guy Delcourt collection
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Chris Hipkiss (désormais Hipkiss)

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