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The gallery loaned two works by the Japanese artist to Espace Vanderborght (Brussels) on the occasion of Witches!.

This exhibition explores what this figure covers, feared and persecuted in ancient times, then gradually became a character of myths and tales before integrating the imaginations of pop culture, to finally symbolize the current female demands that have taken the witch as an emblem of their revolt.

Yuichi Saito
yuichi saito - © yamanami, christian berst — art brut

Yuichi Saito is fascinated by popular Japanese shows. At the workshop of Kobe Shu (Saitama), which he has been attending since 2002, he began graphic work around these television programs, methodically writing, in a broad gesture, the title of each of them. His drawings have since then reached a degree of visual abstraction of great intensity. More recently, he has undertaken work on the mo character of the hiragana alphabet: its repetitions reveal his emotional states. His work has been shown in the collections of the Museum of Everything, at MONA, in Tasmania, and during the closing exhibition of the maison rouge (France): L’envol ou Le rêve de voler.


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