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On Saturday June 24 at 5pm, the gallery is organizing a concert: Chloé Mons plays Cadavre grand m’a raconté, a collection of texts compiled by Ivar Ch’vavar, with the complicity of guitarist Yan Péchin. Ch’ti blues.

In 2021, Chloé Mons released a new album, Globe-Trotter, subtitled Ode to Bond, a collection of covers of James Bond theme songs, a hero she has adored since childhood. For this album, she ventures into ethereal, post-apocalyptic jazz (the confinement has come a long way). For the first time, she blends the brass of a saxophone (Fréderic Guastard) with her piano. Yan Péchin and Arnaud Dieterlen are also on board.

concert : Chloé Mons plays “Cadavre grand m’a raconté”

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