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The gallery participates in the 3rd edition of CHOICES Collectors Weekend which will be held in Paris on May 21 and 22, 2016. During 2 days, CHOICES proposes a journey through nearly 40 Parisian galleries and a collective exhibition which will be held this year at the Palais de Tokyo.

After Nicolas Bourriaud and Alfred Pacquement for the first two editions, Laurent Le Bon and Emilie Bouvard (respectively President and Curator in charge of contemporary art at the Picasso Museum) have agreed to share their views on a selection of works proposed by the galleries. This atypical curating, in an institutional venue as emblematic as the Palais de Tokyo, aims to highlight contemporary creation on the Parisian scene.

We will present a group of works by Franco Bellucci.

Franco Bellucci
portrait de franco bellucci - © bargellini, christian berst — art brut

A frequent visitor to the Blu Cammello workshop in Livorno, he was first discovered by the artist Riccardo Bargellini. The hybrid sculptures he produces are composed of assembled objects whose links are prominent. Observed through the prism of their transitional, fetishistic or apotropaic value, they have been presented in several major exhibitions such as the monograph dedicated to him at the MAD Museum in Liège, Banditi dell’arte (Halle Saint Pierre) and art brut, abcd/Bruno Decharme collection (Maison rouge) in Paris. “These works are invested with a symbolic power that many “professional” artists are unable to achieve.” (P. Dagen, Le Monde)

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Emmanuelle Jardonnet, Le May 20, 2016.
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Marie Maertens, Connaissances Des Arts. May 20, 2016.
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Judith Benhamou-Huet, Le Point. May 19, 2016.

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