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The large amount of the donation that Michel Nedjar did today to the MahJ lead to the exhibition Presences, curated by Nathalie Hazan-Brunet.

Michel Nedjar choosed artworks summarising at best his artistic career : a large amount of acrylic drawings, pastels, masks; some dolls made from recycled material; the one he produced as scenographic piece of the play Murders of Hanokh Levin; some « paper dolls », composed from pieces collected during his trips.

Michel Nedjar
Michel Nedjar in his workshop - © christian berst — art brut

He is the living most exposed and published brut artist and yet, the extraordinary trajectory of this Frenchman poses a question rarely addressed: that of the impermanence of art brut. Discovered by Jean Dubuffet during his work on the resurgence of the symbolic body, he then became the protean artist we know today and who, in creation, embodies an absolute freedom. Found in numerous collections, he is the first brut artist whose works were added to the collections of the Musée National d’Art Moderne (France). Since 2008, he has been celebrated through six monographic exhibitions by Le Mahj (Paris), LaM (Lille), the Gugging Museum (Vienna), and the gallery.

Michel Nedjar : Presences

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