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Ten works by Anna Zemánková on loan from the gallery will be shown alongside those of Marinette Cueco and Pistil Paeonia at the Lacoux Contemporary Art Center (France).

Curator Julie Crenn has conceived become native again as a conversation between three artists who share an intimate relationship with the plant world, with the knowledge and power of plants. Three artists who carry an acute awareness of their belonging to the living. Their works are extensions of powerful links with the paths, the physical and mental paths. They act in their places by collaborating with the living, its forces, its visible and invisible part.

Anna Zemankova
anna zemankova - © christian berst — art brut

Anna Zemánková is a well-established figure in art brut, so much so that she was honoured in 2013 at the 55th Venice Biennale before an important group of her works joined the collections of the Centre Pompidou. In the early 1960s this humble Moravian began to produce a body of work for which her humble background had not prepared her, and which responded in a striking way to injunctions from the innermost depths. « I grow flowers that don’t grow anywhere else » she used to say.

Become native again

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