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Event on Tuesday, April 12 at 7:30 pm at the main gallery. By Michel Thouseau (osmophone & métacello) and Marc-Henri Lamande (voice).

L’Eubage aux Antipodes de l’Unité is one of the strangest and most enigmatic texts in Cendrars’ work. It is part of the overwhelming experience that the writer, who had his right hand amputated, had during the summer of 1917, in Méréville, and which allowed him to be reborn to writing. Mythical tale, exploration of unknown spaces and hermetic research, this text must also be read as a journey to the heart of the pain of the world.

Michel Thouseau has built for this unique sound adventure two instruments, the “Métacello” and the “Osmophone”, specially created to accompany Marc-Henri Lamande’s voice in this risky journey to the antipodes of Unity. Nothing is premeditated in this literary and musical exchange because everything is possible. The machines and the sound organs are ready to raise the anchor, leading the listeners in a zodiacal journey whose outcome appears only at the last word written by the Eubage…

Free entry. Please book in advance, seats are limited.
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l’eubage of blaise cendrars :

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