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The gallery loaned two works by French artist Michel Nedjar for the group exhibition, You Know Who at Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion (Istanbul).

Encouraged by Ömer M. Koç and organized under the auspices of Koç Holding, this exhibition features artworks from Ömer Koç’s Collection, new productions commissioned for the occasion as well as artworks lent by institutions, artists and collectors from Turkey and abroad. In total, nearly 100 artworks by more than 45 artists are exhibited on the first floor, second floor and in the garden of the manor.

Focusing on the fascination and the fear of the unknown, You Know Who takes its cue from the rich Byzantine imagery and literary sources related to the supernatural, the uncanny and the otherworld.

Curated by Selen Ansen and Brigitte Pitarakis.

Michel Nedjar
Michel Nedjar in his workshop - © christian berst — art brut

Though Frenchman Michel Nedjar is the most widely exhibited and published living representative of art brut, his extraordinary trajectory poses a rarely-adressed question – namely, the impermanence of art brut. Discovered by Jean Dubuffet when the latter was working on the resurgence of the symbolic body, Nedjar became the protean artist whom we know today and who embodies absolute freedom in creation. Present in countless collections, he is the first brut artist whose works were included in the collections of Beaubourg (France). Since 2008, he has had no fewer than seven solo shows at such venues as Le Mahj (Paris), LaM (Lille), the Gugging Museum (Vienna), the chamarade domaine (France) and the gallery.

You Know Who :

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