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An artwork by German artist Harald Stoffers is currently on view at Berlin on the occasion of reboot.

20 artists created together artistic contributions about the history, present and possible visions of a new studio and exhibition space located in a former club in the basement of the Pfefferberg.

With artworks by : Christine Aulitzky, Lucia Bachner, Benjamin Bahnsen, Martin Binder, Christoph Dettmeier, Rüdiger Frauenhoffer, Isabella Gerstner, Jaqueline Hammer, Hans Hübener, Richard James, Jan Köchermann, Paul Lubitz, Silke Marohn, Minú, Luca Modica, Daniela Mohr, Oliver Ross, Anja Scheffler-Rehse, Maximilian Steubl, Harald Stoffers, Katja Stoye-Cetin, Youssef Tabti, Michael Witte, Workshop Ex-Bassy | Hochschule Darmstadt, u.a.

Harald Stoffers
harald stoffers - © christian berst — art brut

More than twenty years ago, Harald Stoffers began a fictional correspondence with his mother, in which all the letters started with «Liebe Mutti». He began this exercise at a workshop for people with disabilities at which he worked. He started by distributing them amongst his fellow workers in the form of small torn notes. Stoffers’ letters later thickened, some even reaching ten meters long. Presented in a film by Youssef Tabti at the Grand Palais in 2009, his work was included in such prestigious institutions as the Mona (Australia), the Hamburger Kunsthalle (Berlin), the Oliva Creative Factory (Portugal), the Dox Art Center (Prague) and the Maison rouge (Paris).
A significant number of his works was donated to the Centre Pompidou collection in 2021.

reboot :

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