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Looking up to the skies is the focus of the interdisciplinary exhibition Clouds: From Gerhard Richter to Cloud Art, on view at the Museum Sinclair-Haus in the spring/summer of 2023.

Fourteen artists share their sky perspectives, interpreting clouds as symbols, but also as indicators of weather, climate and the universe.

Our ‘journey to the clouds’ begins with selected Cloud Paintings (1968–1979) by the world-renowned artist Gerhard Richter, engaging in an artistic dialogue with more recent works.

The exhibition illustrates a wide variety of techniques and creative media applied by artists to capture fleeting glimpses of cloud formations. From painting and drawing to sculpture, photography, video art and recent internet-based Cloud Art, the exhibition reflects the arc of artistic evolution with a selection of exemplary works and installations.

Julius Bockelt
Julius Bockelt - © © Elena Osmann, christian berst — art brut

A member of the renowned Goldstein workshop in Germany, this young artist is fascinated by the limits of perception. In his work, sounds, vibrations, waves and interferences are rendered visible. Bringing together observation and poetry, network structures emerge and create striking optical illusions. Exhibited in a gallery for the first time in 2020, Julius Bockelt has already been offered a monographic exhibition at the Folkwang Museum in Essen and has been presented at the Museum of Everything (London), the Maison rouge (Paris) and the MoNa in Brierdale (Australia). In 2023, he was exhibited alongside Gerhard Richter at the Museum Sainclair-Haus in Germany.

works by julius bockelt in the exhibition Clouds : De Gerhard Richter à l’art des nuages at the sinclair-haus museum germany

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