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SESSIONS is both a set of exhibitions and a series of events which intention isn’t connected to a defined curatorial theme but rather linked to a reflection on the emergence of new voices from contemporary art galleries, based on dialogue and collaboration.

For this second part of SESSIONS, we’ve chosen to show works by the Italian Franco Bellucci.

With the current situation of dematerialization and spectacularization of the market, of the art fairs’ omnipresence, of the auction houses and big trading names, of individualism and competition, SESSIONS wishes to be a collaborative and convivial event, in order to develop a sustained dialogue between art dealers but also with the other actors of the art world.

These sessions are developed in four thematic exhibitions. the galleries invite you to discover a vast panel of the contemporary creation during four successive evenings and numerous events, with a spirit of sharing and meeting.

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Franco Bellucci
portrait de franco bellucci - © bargellini, christian berst — art brut

A frequent visitor to the Blu Cammello workshop in Livorno, he was first discovered by the artist Riccardo Bargellini. The hybrid sculptures he produces are composed of assembled objects whose links are prominent. Observed through the prism of their transitional, fetishistic or apotropaic value, they have been presented in several major exhibitions such as the monograph dedicated to him at the MAD Museum in Liège, Banditi dell’arte (Halle Saint Pierre) and art brut, abcd/Bruno Decharme collection (Maison rouge) in Paris. “These works are invested with a symbolic power that many “professional” artists are unable to achieve.” (P. Dagen, Le Monde)

Session #2 

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