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Started in 2016 by Backslash Gallery, SESSIONS is an annual and collaborative event between contemporary art galleries and the other actors of the art world aimed to create an area of dialogue, friendliness and sharing.

After the initial success of SESSIONS #1, #2, #3, #4 with the participation of 17 galleries and more than 50 artists, Galerie Paris-Beijing is pleased to welcome this year SESSIONS #5 and #6 gathering 20 galleries around two thematic exhibitions. Guest galleries will present an artist whose work is related to the proposed topics : FILIATION (SESSION #5) and SYSTEME (SESSION #6)

SESSIONS has the ambition to develop a reflection on the emergence of new voices within the world of contemporary art galleries. It is also the opportunity for artists, gallerists, journalists, curators, collectors and the public to meet and exchange their views during two successive evenings and other numerous related events.

Melvin Way
melvin way - © christian berst — art brut

Discovered in the early 1980s at a homeless center in New York City, Melvin Way is now a key figure in contemporary art brut. Having interrupted his scientific studies because of his schizophrenia, he relentlessly covers fragments of papers of mathematical and chemical formulas, sibylline sketches… These dense talismanic notes, which he treasures in his pockets, exhale a rare magnetism. The 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Critics, Jerry Saltz, considers him “a mystic visionary genius, one of the greatest living American artists.” The artist’s works are now in the collections of the MoMA (New York) and the Smithsonian (Washington).

session #6

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