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on the edge of the visible and the invisible

Preface : Philippe Baudouin
Foreword : Christian Berst.
Catalog published to mark the exhibition Beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible, from March 6th to April 13th, 2019.


Bilingual French and English
Pages 220 color printed
cm 21 x 21 cm
ISBN 979-10-90463-56-1
Price 25 €


Philippe Baudouin - © christian berst — art brut

Philippe Baudouin

Philippe Baudouin is a philosopher and radio producer. His work focuses on the history of radio and occultism.
After publishing Au microphone : Dr. Walter Benjamin (MSH, 2009), he prefaced the publication of Écrits radiophoniques de Walter Benjamin (Allia, 2014) as well as the reissue of Le Royaume de l’au delà de Thomas Edison (Jérôme Million, 2015).
He is also the author of Les Forces de l’ordre invisible. Émile Tizané (1901-1982), un gendarme sur les territoires de la hantise (Le Murmure, 2016), and Spectra Ex Machina, a sound anthology of occult phenomena (Label Sub Rosa, 2019).

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