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Artworks by Tomasz Machciński - an artist recently represented by the gallery - are currently on view at the Manggha Museum (Krakow, Poland).

Thousands of Faces, Hundreds of Mirages is an opportunity to rediscover some of the artist’s 22,000 fictional identities. From his first metamorphoses inspired by the history of Hollywood pop culture, through his beginnings in digital color photography, the Polish artist offers a multitude of identities created between 2006 and 2018.

An exhibition organized by Krakow Photomonth and curated by Katarzyna Karwańska.

Tomasz Machcinski
Tomasz Machcinski - © christian berst — art brut

At a very young age, Tomasz Machciński built an identity around an autograph, addressed to him by an actress he believed to be his mother. From this confusion, which lasted more than twenty years, a protean and personal mythology was born that reconstructs the artist. As the image of the Ovidian myth, or Gregor Samsa, Tomasz Machciński cannot be described. Indeed, his work consists of over 22 000 self-portraits of as many different physiognomies. Exhibited in 2019 at the Rencontres de la Photographie, his works are already part of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Museum of Photography in Krakow (Poland) as well as the collection abcd/Bruno Decharme.

Thousands of Faces

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