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The Fabbrica Rosa exhibition is a tribute to Harald Szeemann, like an anti-portrait evoking without naming his personality and his major fields of research.

In addition to works by Camille Claudel, Marcel Duchamp, Séraphine Louis and Jean Tinguely, there will be a collection of ex-votos, references to Monteverita and to the 49th Venice Biennale, which he curated. In this context, the reference to Art Brut seemed obvious and necessary. The gallery loaned two airplanes by Hans-Jörg Georgi and three photographs by Miroslav Tichý.

Miroslav Tichý - © christian berst — art brut

Miroslav Tichý

Trained in academic painting, Tichý secretly engaged in photography only in 1970. Obsessive, if not fetishistic, he photographs women surreptitiously with the camera he built. His blurry photographs, sometimes enhanced with a pen border, are part of an immutable process, to which he adhered until the 1990s. Discovered by Roman Buxbaum, he was soon supported by Harald Szeemann. In 2005, he received the discovery prize at the Rencontres d’Arles and was given a major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou three years before his death. In 2019, he is again presented in Arles for the exhibition event, Photo brut.

Hans-Jörg Georgi - © © Atelier Goldstein, Photo: Holger Priedemuth, christian berst — art brut

Hans-Jörg Georgi

Hans-Jörg Georgi joined the Goldstein workshop in 2001, bringing with him thousands of drawings depicting airplanes and children. It is in his workshop that he begins the creation of three-dimensional airplanes, which he manufactures using cut-up shoeboxes assembled with glue. A veritable fleet takes shape, resembling a Noah’s Ark, as it gathers airplanes of different models: bumpy and textured, they take on anthropomorphic appearances. Human, animal, and technological realms blend together in this collection. Georgi’s works are notably part of the Treger Saint Silvestre & Antoine de Galbert collections. In 2022, we dedicated his first gallery exhibition, entitled noah’s plane.

Hans-Jörg Georgi and Miroslav Tichy at the Forma gallery, Paris

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