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Creative Growth: The House That Art Built celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the first organization in the United States dedicated to supporting bruts artists.

Today, more than 140 artists work at the organization, using every medium, from painting and drawing to ceramics, wood, fiber, digital media, and printmaking. This exhibition features a selection from the museum’s recent acquisition of work by Creative Growth artists—Joseph Alef, Camille Holvoet, Susan Janow, Dwight Mackintosh, John Martin, Dan Miller, Donald Mitchell, Judith Scott, William Scott, Ron Veasey, and Alice Wong—along with archival material that highlights the organization’s history. Together, the exhibition and historic acquisition present the boundless creativity and impact of these artists on cultural dialogues in the Bay Area and beyond.

portrait of dwight mackintosh - © christian berst — art brut

Dwight Mackintosh

Identified by the well-known art historian John McGregor as a great American art brut artist, Dwight Mackintosh began making artwork late in life and after spending over fifty-five years in institutions. As he had previously shown an aptitude for drawing, he began participating in a program at the Creative Growth Center in Oakland, California. Mackintosh lost little time in making up for the late start, and generated multitudes of drawings, paintings, prints and ceramics during his career at Creative Growth. Dwight’s work is characterized by repetitive flowing unintelligible writing and “x-ray” views of loosely drawn, yet tightly composed male figures, espacilally “Boysses“ - groups of[…]

judith scott huging her artwork. - © christian berst — art brut

Judith Scott

Judith Scott was born with a Down Syndrome into a middle-class family in Cincinnati, Ohio. Following an attack of Scarlet Fever in infancy, she lost her hearing, although this would not be recognized until many years later. She spent the first 7 years of her life in her home and with her twin sister before she was sent in an institution for handicap children. She lived 35 years separated from her family, until in 1986, her twin sister became her legal tutor and moved with her in California. Judith got into the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, where after two years, she starts producing original sculptures by collecting diverse objects, from all size and shape. She would wrap them,[…]

Judith Scott and Dwight Mackintosh presented at the San Francisco MoMA

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