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Initiated in 2016 by the Backslash gallery, SESSIONS is an annual collaborative event between galleries and actors of the art world born from the will to create a space for dialogue, conviviality and sharing.

SESSIONS aims to develop a transversal reflection on the emergence of new voices of contemporary art galleries. It is also an opportunity for artists, gallery owners, journalists, curators, collectors and the public to meet and exchange during two successive evenings and associated events.

This year SESSIONS is hosted by the Bertrand Grimont gallery and proposes to establish new dialogues by exhibiting the galleries in pairs; thus we present Pepe Gaitán in front of Gabriel Léger, a contemporary artist represented by the Vincent Sator gallery.

Pepe Gaitán
portrait of pepe gaitàn - © christian berst — art brut

Born into the Colombian bourgeoisie, Pepe Gaitan chose to live a life of asceticism and found his only pleasure directly from his daily readings at Bogota’s national library. From these books, he selects pages that he photocopies to then obliterate the counter of the letters. It is around these phantom graphemes that he composes his sibylline collages. In 2020, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Geneva celebrates him with scrivere designando, an exhibition curated by Andrea Bellini and Sarah Lombardi.


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