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The gallery exhibits its finds of the year in the field of art brut. La rentrée hors-les-normes 2013 will propose a world tour of these unclassifiable artists discovered in France, China, Chile, Colombia, Iran and England.

For the start of the 2013 academic year, the christian berst gallery is once again offering its unusual exhibition formula, which allows it to present a collective of contemporary art brut creators shown for the first time. During this annual event, new acquisitions by the creators it represents are also on display.

Faithful to the mission it has set for itself, the gallery canvasses the world over to identify women and men who, despite or thanks to their social or mental otherness, produce works that transgress any usual classification.

The exhibition hors-les-normes 2013 will be an opportunity to discover the works of the French Didier Amblard, Gianni Antonelli, Jean Baubion and Thérèse Bonnelalbay, the Chinese Han Yi and Xi Hong, the Chilean Óscar Morales, the Iranian Mehrdad Rashidi, the British Richard C. Smith and the Dutchman (discovered in Colombia) J.J. Seinen.

In addition, the gallery will also present unpublished calligraphic letters by Harald Stoffers, a leading artist, who will be exhibited in a solo show at the Yia exhibition from 23 to 27 October 2013.

Exhibition view of *Beyond the boundaries : discoveries and recent acquisitions*, christian berst art brut, Paris, 2013 - © ©christian berst art brut, christian berst — art brut
portrait de didier amblard - © christian berst — art brut
Didier Amblard
untitled, 1966. indian ink on paper, 9.45 x 12.56 in - © christian berst — art brut
Thérèse Bonnelalbay
Han Yi - © christian berst — art brut
Yi Han
xie hong - © christian berst — art brut
Xie Hong
portrait of oscar morales - © christian berst — art brut
Oscar Morales
harald stoffers - © christian berst — art brut
Harald Stoffers
Beyond the boundaries discoveries and new acquisitions 2013
Beyond the boundaries 2013 - © christian berst — art brut

Foreword : Christian Berst
Catalog published to mark the exhibition Beyond the boundaries : discoveries and new acquisitions 2013, from september 7th to october 12th, 2013.

Press review
rentrée hors les normes 2013
Bénédicte Philippe, Télérama Sortir N° 3323. September 30, 2013.
beyond the boundaries saison 2013

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