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For this first edition of BAD + Bordeaux + Art + Design, which will be held on the banks of the Garonne, the gallery will present - booth R+1 46 - the works of Franco Bellucci, José Manuel Egea, Josef Hofer, Tomasz Machciński and Luboš Plný.

These five personal mythologies attest to a power relationship between the intimate and the universal, the body and the mind, analysis and projection. On the initiative of Jean Daniel Compain and Congrès Expositions Bordeaux, BAD+ will offer a very rich programme imagined by the most important local cultural institutions, art in vineyards and in the city, and, of course, the projects presented in Hangar 14 by nearly 70 eminent international galleries.

christian berst art brut, booth r+1 46 at BAD+, Hangar 14, Bordeaux, 2022 - © christian berst — art brut
christian berst art brut, booth r+1 46 à BAD+, Hangar 14, Bordeaux, 2022 - © christian berst — art brut
christian berst art brut, booth r+1 46 at BAD+, Hangar 14, Bordeaux, 2022 - © christian berst — art brut
Please contact us to inquire about the available works.
José Manuel Egea untitled, 2016
7.87 x 10.63 in
Tomasz Machcinski untitled, 2009
11.81 x 14.96 in
Franco Bellucci untitled, 2009
18.9 x 21.26 in
Josef Hofer untitled, 2015
11.42 x 16.54 in
Luboš Plný, 2011, Prague - © Ⓒ Mario del Curto, christian berst — art brut

Luboš Plný

A prominent figure in contemporary art brut, this Czech artist is fascinated by medical iconography. An expert in the mysteries of anatomy, he devotes himself – when not drawing – to all sorts of performances reminiscent of the actionists. By testing the limits of physical existence, he conjures up death and sublimates life in its most organic form. His extremely detailed works in Indian ink and acrylic entered the collections of the Musée National d’Art Moderne (Paris) in 2013, then in 2021 thanks to the Bruno Decharme donation, and were notably exhibited on several occasions at the Maison Rouge, in Japan and at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

josef hofer drawing - © © florian moser, christian berst — art brut

Josef Hofer

Josef Hofer, who has been a resident of an Austrian institution for more than 30 years, does not speak. He draws. Tirelessly. In the metaphoric mirror that he uses and reaches out to us, people attempt to flee from the straitjacket of the frame with eroticized and untamed grace. His works - to which Michel Thévoz has devoted several essays - depict a founding duality between body and psyche. Present in numerous museum collections, he is also part of great private collections: A. de Galbert (France), A. Shaker (Switzerland) and even in the collection of A. Rainer (Austria), who considers him “one of the greatest of the brut contemporary artists.” A significant number of his works was donated to the Centre Pompidou collection in 2021 while the gallery became the owner of his estate in 2022.

portrait de franco bellucci - © bargellini, christian berst — art brut

Franco Bellucci

A frequent visitor to the Blu Cammello workshop in Livorno, he was first discovered by the artist Riccardo Bargellini. The hybrid sculptures he produces are composed of assembled objects whose links are prominent. Observed through the prism of their transitional, fetishistic or apotropaic value, they have been presented in several major exhibitions such as the monograph dedicated to him at the MAD Museum in Liège, Banditi dell’arte (Halle Saint Pierre) and art brut, abcd/Bruno Decharme collection (Maison rouge) in Paris. “These works are invested with a symbolic power that many “professional” artists are unable to achieve.” (P. Dagen, Le Monde)

portrait of josé manuel egea - © christian berst — art brut

José Manuel Egea

Convinced of his magical ability to become a wolf, this young artist from Madrid is fascinated by the Kafkaesque metamorphosis found in the world of comics and mythology. As polymorphic as he is, his work consists of drawings, sculptures and performances, and urges us to accept our own repressed gifts for shape-shifting. Promoted by the gallery since 2016, he had a major show that same year by the Biennale de l’image possible in Liège, Belgium. His work is now part of several major European collections of contemporary art such as those of Antoine de Galbert, or Laurent Dumas.

Tomasz Machcinski - © christian berst — art brut

Tomasz Machcinski

At a very young age, Tomasz Machciński built an identity around an autograph, addressed to him by an actress he believed to be his mother. From this confusion, which lasted more than twenty years, a protean and personal mythology was born that reconstructs the artist. As the image of the Ovidian myth, or Gregor Samsa, Tomasz Machciński cannot be described. Indeed, his work consists of over 22 000 self-portraits of as many different physiognomies. Exhibited in 2019 at the Rencontres de la Photographie, his works are already part of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Museum of Photography in Krakow (Poland) as well as the collection abcd/Bruno Decharme.

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