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After a decorative arts training, she met her double in 2005 and became “Pandora.” Pandora is like a carnal key, capable of opening the doors of time, but also the higher strata of consciousness. Her works, mostly in graphite on paper, bear witness to her temporal journeys and act in our eyes as vibratory fields. Her divinatory work - close to Zdenek Kosek in his cataclysmic perception - is already part of the collections of Antoine de Galbert (France), Amr Shaker (Switzerland), the Museum of Everything (Great Britain), and the Collection of Art Brut in Lausanne.

patricia salen - © christian berst — art brut
Date 1957 —
Country France

Patricia Salen was born in Quebec. After studies at Arts Décoratifs in Nice. She became Pandora in 2005. The “temporal openings” not only give her access to both past and future, but also to another level of consciousness that enables her to perform automatic writting, yet codified, that one could see in her works.

It is no longer bodies but fields of vibration; it is no longer brains but encrypted maps that convey a real language. She performs, like Zdenek Kozek, a cataclysmic perception. Her work is hypnotic – and certainly enigmatic for neophytes – but nonetheless artistically jubilant.

Please contact us to inquire about the available works.
chaos 1/6 (réticulation multi réelle) - © christian berst — art brut
chaos 1/6 (réticulation multi réelle), 2009
15.75 x 11.81 in
Tête/Toile - © christian berst — art brut
Tête/Toile, 2006
15.75 x 11.81 in
permutation - la double résonnance 3/3 - © christian berst — art brut
permutation - la double résonnance 3/3, 2006
15.75 x 11.81 in
fonctions prophétique du corbeau 5/12 - © christian berst — art brut
fonctions prophétique du corbeau 5/12, 2008
15.75 x 11.81 in
untitled - © christian berst — art brut
untitled, 2006
11.81 x 15.75 in
untitled - © christian berst — art brut
untitled, 2006
15.75 x 11.81 in
Beyond on the edge of the visible and the invisible
Catalogue published to mark the exhibition *the beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible*, christian berst art brut, Paris, 2019. - © christian berst — art brut

Preface : Philippe Baudouin
Foreword : Christian Berst.
Catalog published to mark the exhibition Beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible, from March 6th to April 13th, 2019.

débordement #1: the pathfinders
by anaël pigeat & yvannoé krüger, the bridge + main gallery. From November 25, 2021 to January 16, 2022.
Death salon 2
curated by Laurent Quénéhen, the bridge by christian berst. From February 13 to March 19, 2021.
on the edge of the visible and the invisible, at the gallery. From March 7 to April 13, 2019.
do the write thing 2
read between the lines, at the gallery. From April 26 to June 2, 2018.
in abstracto
at the gallery. From June 8 to July 15, 2017.
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Une partie de campagne
Chassagne Montrachet. From June 10 to 12, 2016.
Session #1
Instants, at the Backslash Gallery. From June 2 to 8, 2016.
On The Wire
by Jean-Hubert Martin, at the gallery. From April 9 to May 22, 2016.
at the Gallery. From September 12 to October 10, 2015.
do the write thing
read between the lines, new york gallery. From October 30 to December 21, 2014.
The Wall
Antoine de Galbert Collection , la Maison rouge, Paris. From June 14 to September 21, 2014.
on the horizon
at the gallery. From January 28 to March 1, 2014.
drawing now 2012
drawing art fair, Carrousel du Louvre. From March 28 to April 1, 2012.
salon du dessin contemporain 2011
drawing now, caroussel du louvre. From March 25 to 28, 2011.
outsider art fair
From February 11 to 13, 2011.
exhibition view of *the beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible*, christian berst art brut, paris, 2019. - © christian berst art brut, photo: elena groud, christian berst — art brut
exhibition view of *débordement #1 : les révélateurs* curated by Anaël Pigeat and Yvannoé Krüger, the bridge + christian berst art brut, Paris, 2021 - © christian berst — art brut
exhibition view of *on the wire*, by jean-hubert martin, christian berst art brut & jean brolly galeries, paris, 2016. - © jean brolly gallery, christian berst — art brut
Press review
les révélateurs
Damien Aubel, Transfuge. January 1, 2022.
bouge la ligne !
Philippe Godin, La Diagonale De L’art. May 9, 2018.
collection de l’Art brut
Antoine Frérot collection
Antoine de Galbert collection
Amr Shaker collection
trailer - débordement #1 : les révélateurs / the pathfinders
video - the exhibition presented by the curators
Patricia Salen

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