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Collected by Picasso, André Breton, and Jean Dubuffet, Scottie Wilson is a major artist of the 20th century. His works, born from a multiplication of finely applied lines, fascinated his contemporaries, who were eager to exhibit, sell, or even publish them at all costs.

Scottie Louis Freeman Wilson - © christian berst — art brut
Name Scottie Louis Freeman Wilson
Date 1888 — 1972
Country Great Britain

Born in Glasgow in 1888, Scottie was part of a family of five children. At a young age, he had an affection for trees and animals (especially birds) and frequently visited the zoo and circus. Illiterate, at the age of 10, he sold newspapers, and at 16, he enlisted in the army, serving in India and South Africa. Upon returning to London, he lived by working in a kind of mobile shop before immigrating to Canada in 1928, where he opened a resale shop. At the age of 40, Scottie Wilson started collecting fountain pens; it was with one of them, nicknamed “Bulldog,” that one day, in a moment of boredom, he made his first drawing.

From then on, his creative activity continued to grow. The initially unsettling and dark early drawings gradually gave way to a joyful, colorful, and serene universe: “The most intriguing and fascinating,” in the words of Dubuffet himself. His creations depicted specters, trees, totems, castles, fountains, and animals. However, all this flora and fauna, “too beautiful for the earth” according to Scottie, only appeared to the artist once the drawing was finished: “When he wants to make a drawing, he doesn’t start in the middle of the sheet, but in a corner, and he doesn’t know what will happen until, little by little, as he looks, he realizes that he has finally filled the entire surface of the sheet.” (Mr. Andrew De Maine).

Upon returning to London after World War II, his drawings were displayed in exhibitions he organized himself in unusual venues. When galleries managed to exhibit his works, Scottie simultaneously sold his drawings in the streets at a ridiculously low price, much to the dismay of art dealers.

Today, Scottie Wilson’s artwork is exhibited in numerous museums around the world, notably at LaM (France), Faculdade de Bellas Artes da Universidade de Porto (Portugal), The Whitworth (England), and Kunsthal (Netherlands).

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untitled - © christian berst — art brut
untitled, 1950
8.66 x 9.45 in
untitled - © christian berst — art brut
untitled, 1945
10.63 x 14.57 in
untitled - © christian berst — art brut
untitled, 1940
10.63 x 14.96 in
Beyond on the edge of the visible and the invisible
Catalogue published to mark the exhibition *the beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible*, christian berst art brut, Paris, 2019. - © christian berst — art brut

Preface : Philippe Baudouin
Foreword : Christian Berst.
Catalog published to mark the exhibition Beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible, from March 6th to April 13th, 2019.

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exhibition view of *the beyond : on the edge of the visible and the invisible*, christian berst art brut, paris, 2019. - © christian berst art brut, photo: elena groud, christian berst — art brut
christian berst art brut booth *drawing now art fair*, le carreau du temple, paris, from march 22nd to 25th, 2018. - © christian berst art brut, christian berst — art brut
exhibition view of *the electric eye*, curators: antonia gaeta and pilar soler, la casa encendida, madrid, spain, 2019. - © la casa encendida, christian berst — art brut
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Scottie Louis Freeman Wilson

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